Dr. Arvinder Singh Becomes International TEDx Speaker

Dr. Arvinder Singh Becomes International TEDx Speaker

Dr. Arvinder Singh, Chairman of the International Board of Cosmetic Dermatology and World Record Holder, shared his life journey in a motivational speech at the Mumbai TEDx event. On the "TEDx" stage, an international platform where leaders from a variety of industries and backgrounds are invited to share their life journeys, Dr. Singh addressed his personal struggles.

 Dr. Arvinder Singh further by saying that despite having incurable polio, he always highlighted the value of tenacity. He persisted in his fight and, after completing his medical education, went on to achieve management, world records, entrepreneurship, business leadership and other accomplishments while accomplishing outstanding feats in several domains leaving an imprint.

Hard work, attention, channelling positive energy and ignoring criticism are among Dr. Singh’s success tips. He also says that success will come to everyone who sets the right goals for themselves and works carefully and deliberately. Dr. Arvinder Singh expressed his happiness at the chance to represent Udaipur on a platform where many accomplished individuals, including entrepreneurs, actors, and filmmakers, were present.

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